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The Human Moral Circle Summary of Characteristic



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HMC does not purport to create a new religion, and does not attempt to belittle any person's faith HMC is a way of life Not a new religion
HMC deals with our life in this world to each according to his own faith Our life in the present world No afterworld
Any person acknowledging the importance of moral behavior does not need any further encouragement Acknowledging the need to behave morally No reward and punishment
HMC is applicable to everyone, everywhere Globally accepted moral codes No nationalities
Moral codes are clearly defined for all, requiring no interpretation Codes are simple and clear No need for interpretation
HMC needs no establishment, no priests, and no staff. Every person leads himself to the best of his ability Every person is his own leader No establishment
HMC does not deal with the holy and divine. It is a way of life. Its adherents believe in their Understanding and acceptance of the codes' correctness Nothing is sacrosanct
HMC embodies the widest human accord, but it is not a closed system Every person may, according to his conscience, add or subtract from the HMC code he adopts Not an "all or nothing" system
Ever person may address the HMC author via the website, ask any relevant question, and receive a reply according to the author's best judgment. Free access to advice Not a closed system

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