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The Human Moral Circle


Every field of human activity becomes enriched merely by belonging and identifying with it. This is so in the field of human morals as well. For this purpose, the Human Moral Circle has been established – a global framework open to all those who identify with the human moral code as laid down in this guide.


The author believes that this guide can serve as the basis for members of the Human Moral Circle – people throughout the world who acknowledge the moral code’s importance and who commit themselves to upholding this code to the best of their ability at all times.


The Human Moral Circle will have no establishment or organization, except for purposes of administration of our website - The website will host a forum open to suggestions, questions, criticisms and remarks, relevant news and links.


The Human Moral Circle will have no rites or rituals - they are unnecessary. It is enough for a person to define himself in his own eyes as a believer in the moral code and to commit himself to act in a more moral manner – and this is our target.


Religion and morals

Religion and morals have been interlinked since the beginning of mankind. Religious leaders have habitually been custodians and guardians of moral issues.


This is no longer necessary. People can lead and be led according to a universal moral code applicable to all mankind, regardless of religious affiliation or nationality.


By severing the connection between religion and morals, many more people, who are not religious or who have distanced themselves from religion, will be brought into the moral circle.


The various religions should be thanked and blessed for defining, upholding and preserving most of the moral code over many centuries. Their vast and rich heritage has served to shape the Human Moral Code as defined in this guide.


Let not the reader think that this is an attempt to create a new religion. This guide is merely a suggestion for a way of life – the path of righteousness and morality, befitting any person who wishes to follow it.

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