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Many thinkers, in dealing with issues of religion and morals, have concluded that morals reign supreme as the basis for human existence. As an appendix to this work, I have gathered quotes from sayings of thinkers and well-known persons in the field of morals. I highly recommended that you read these sayings.


How do we begin?

This compilation includes hundreds of moral codes. Nobody could adhere to them all – any person who did so would not be human…


So do not be disappointed in yourself if you are unable to uphold all or most of these moral codes. It is enough to be aware of the code, and to do your best to act morally.


Should you be able to do so, you will control the malicious drives lurking within you - as in every human being.


This, then, is the way and how to follow it: a magical formula with no magic in it – merely awareness, good will, and effort.


a.            Make up your mind to be a better person – do not share this with others, not even with those closest to you.

b.            Define and remember a few words – a personal motto – "I will try to behave better" or any other motto you see fit, that will remind you of your wish to conduct yourself in a more moral manner than before.

c.            Before any contact with others and whenever you are about to do anything, repeat your motto, and still, tell no one.

d.            After any meeting with others, ask yourself how you behaved and rate yourself accordingly. Ask exactly where you did wrong, where did you fail, and decide that in future you will make a better effort to behave morally.

e.            Anyone can differentiate between good and evil. It is presumed that if you ask yourself, you will be able to choose a better, more moral form of behavior.

f.             It is well-known that awareness improves your functioning. In the moral field, this is also true. Therefore, we recommended increasing your awareness of the moral codes by referring to this guidebook.

g.            By consenting to download this guide from the website, you confirm that you wish to know the moral codes, and this testifies to your wish to behave morally.

h.            You are hereby invited to join the Human Moral Circle – a circle having but one commitment – your commitment to yourself to try to behave in a more moral manner.


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